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Excessive water usage and high water costs
Yellow grass stains from your trusty sidekick
Spending 70 hours per year on your lawn

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Increased water savings
Reduced irrigation water by 50-90%*
Urine resistant grass
Less maintenance


Dog Tuff grass is ringing in a new era of lawns. Whether you have a dog or not, this amazing and resilient grass helps conserve water and saves you time and money.

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A new era of gardening has arrived with the new Dog Tuff Grass that is durable yet soft. Planting Dog Tuff Grass in your yard could reduce your use of irrigation water by 50-90% once established. *On average traditional grass like Kentucky Blue Grass needs to be watered two to three times per week, whereas Dog Tuff Grass, once established, only needs to be watered one to two times per month.

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* Dog Tuff Grass takes 2-3 years to fully mature.


minimal water, high reward

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